BRACE educational films for Bhutan's Royal Tutorial Project

In April 2017, the BRACE team recorded two educational films about the geology and earthquake hazards of Bhutan. The films were made by the Royal Tutorial Project, run under the auspices of His Majesty's Secretariat, which produces tutorial videos on a range of educational topics.

The two films, "The Geology and Landscapes of Bhutan" and "Earthquake Resilience in Bhutan" were broadcast to the public on the Bhutan Broadcasting Service in August and September 2017. Both films can be viewed in full below:

The Geology and Landscapes of Bhutan

Frances Cooper and Byron Adams discuss the geological evolution of Bhutan in the eastern Himalaya and how its dramatic landscapes were formed.

Earthquake Resilience in Bhutan

Max Werner and Daniel Haines discuss earthquake hazards in Bhutan and how we can learn more about the chances of a future earthquake from historical records of the past.